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Demo Pantry of Worcester

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This is an open demo of MyChoice. Anyone can register and be auto-approved as a client. To request access to the manager dashboard, please contact support@smashstarmedia

  • Create a strong password and don’t share it
    • Safari, Keychain, and other PW Manager recommendations are ideal
    • Use a combination of capital/lowercase characters, numbers, and special symbols
    • There is no maximum password length – try a sentence or phrase
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication
  • Review A Place to Turn’s Privacy Policy
  • Review Privacy and Security settings in your profile
    • You can request a copy of all personal information on our servers
    • You can request all personal information be deleted
  • Know how personally-identifiable information is handled
    • Profile information is viewable to APTT staff on a need-to-know basis
    • Other clients do not have access to your personal information
    • APTT Staff and MyChoice manager permissions are audited regularly
    • Server and device logs are unassociated with your profile
    • Third-party analytics and tracking services are not permitted on our infrastructure